Welcome! All Things Smallâ„¢ Specializes in 1" scale flowerbeds, shrubs, hedges and water gardens for adult miniature collectors and their indoor/outdoor landscaping needs. Enjoy your visit and come back often!

Part of my personal goal as a miniatures artist is to keep improving my work. Thanks to laser technology, I've been able to increase realism in many of my plant parts - I use living plants and flowers as patterns to design accurate miniature landscaping products. These are cut on Japanese crepe or Oriental rice papers.

Recreating my improved work does take time - in a few cases, it's been like learning everything from scratch! My products will continue to be improved throughout the year. Some of my older designs are sold out, and others are available in limited amounts. These are noted in my shopping pages for your convenience. As I rebuild my inventory of improved plants and flowers, they will replace the current pictures.